Story of Julia

Story of Julia

My name is Julia, I’m 43 years old. Me, my husband and our two children moved to Latvia from Moscow. I graduated from the International University in “Cultural Entrepreneurship” and worked as the director of touring activities for the Moscow chamber choir, as the advertising manager in a social and political magazine, and in a big advertisement agency.

My husband always wanted to move, he loves to travel and thinks that during your life you need to have time to live in different countries. I’m not so easygoing with such decisions, but Peter is very persuasive. We had a few options – Canada, Spain, or Latvia. After giving it a lot of thought we have made our choice in Latvia. We expect a comfort interaction, first of all for the kids, the ability to live in our own house but at the same time stay in the city.

Great ecology, close to relatives, not a big country - you can get a lot of thing done, everything is close, the children easily adapted to the new conditions.

It was 2 years between the moment we made the decision and moving. We have sold our apartments in Moscow and at the same time submitted documents for the TRP.
We are very satisfied with the cooperation, so far things are going as we expected and planned.
We will defiantly continue our cooperation, especially since we are in the middle of our move.
Any changes in life – it is not an easy decision, but it is always good because it encourages people in to new actions, which are changing for their life. For those who want a calm and comfortable life Latvia is very suitable.

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