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In the capital of Latvia, Riga, which has always been the business center of the country, all types of office space in the common international classifications A, B, C and D are widely represented.


Class A offices

These are spaces in new business centers, which are characterized by a good location, good transport accessibility, individual decoration of rooms or exclusive design, availability of conference rooms and a hall for communication with VIP-clients, reception, centralized access to office equipment and communication facilities, and fiber-optic telecommunications.

The business center in which such an office is located is equipped with an air-conditioning system, high-speed elevators, its own security service, ground-based parking and underground parking, cafes, automatic life support systems, and access control systems to the business center building.

In relation to these offices in Riga they can be defined as “extra class” or “exclusive office”.

It should be noted that there are not many Class A offices in Riga, because the demand for them is not high.

Class B offices

A wider choice in Riga is represented by class B office space. In many ways it is close to class A spaces, but usually not as prestigious. It may not have the same level of some of the services that are common for Class A, and the range of services offered will not be as wide. Often business spaces of category B are located in refurbished, specialized office centers, as well as in reconstructed historic buildings, modernized buildings from the 1940s to the 1990s, along with modern and fully equipped administrative buildings.

Characteristic features of class B offices are a high-quality modern finish, a wide range of services provided and everything necessary for a successful and respectable business. Regarding these offices, the definition “business class” can be used.

Class C and D offices

By their nature, class C offices, in general, may be somewhat lower than class B spaces, but, nevertheless, a sufficiently wide range of services may be represented in it. Disadvantages can be location problems, for example, remoteness from the business center, difficult or inconvenient access, insufficiently developed service infrastructure, restricted parking/no parking, no elevator, security, etc. The binding set of services of class C offices include: central heating, communications, including the Internet, shared bathroom facilities on the floor or in the corridor, the usual ventilation system, the ability to install individual security and alarm systems, the presence of a dining hall or cafe. Often, class C offices are located in administrative buildings of former factories, in industrial zones, and refurbished from large industrial spaces located outside the business center.

Despite these disadvantages, class C spaces are also well suited for successful commercial activities. They are used by companies that have no need for representative offices in the city center, for whom, for one reason or another, it is more convenient to work outside the business center, and which have no requirements for easy accessibility for visitors. Often, such spaces can significantly save on administrative costs and a reasonable approach to the objects of expenditure without significant damage in the availability and comfort.

Along with the above mentioned, there are class D offices, usually located at a considerable distance from the business center, in administrative buildings that still have outdated engineering systems, and there are no modern conveniences for running a business. Usually its origin is related to the 1990s, when offices were built on the basis of non-residential premises. Generally these premises are offered without renovation or with no modern renovation.

Such offices do not meet modern international standards, but it can be rented at a more than affordable price, which makes them attractive to start-up or underperforming companies, which is often convenient because of a particular geographical location.

Panorama of Riga from one the buildings roof

Full service offices

Such offices are offered to potential clients on an “all inclusive” basis. A large company, a medium-sized organization or a small company simply pays one bill, and for this it gets a fully-ready office environment with a full set of necessary services, such as:

  • Internet, Wi-Fi, telephones and lines
  • Office furniture
  • Convenient location in large business centers
  • Access to meeting rooms
  • Secretarial services
  • Shared kitchen with water, tea and coffee
  • Business lounge, recreation area
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the office
  • Access to printers, scanners and copiers

At the same time the cost of all the utilities is included in the rent, but consumables, for example, the coffee, as well as calls and printing of documents are charged separately.



Over the past couple of years coworking or a place to work together has become very common in Riga. Entrepreneurs and freelancers have plenty to choices.

Coworking, as reported by Wikipedia, is a work model in which participants, while remaining independent and free, use common areas for their activities. Also, the spaces used for the implementation of such model are called coworkings; they are mainly used by startups and freelancers, or workers and merchants who come for a short time from another city or country.

Joint offices are usually large rooms with a kitchen and one or more meeting rooms. They are equipped with the necessary office infrastructure – from Wi-Fi to printers and scanners. In the joint offices there is a secretary who will connect the co-worker with the customer who has called and, if necessary, escort visitors to the reserved meeting room.

Some coworkings focus on organizing events – seminars, lectures, conferences, and competitions for startups; for some of coworkings the target audience is freelancers and small teams working in various kinds of creative industries (graphic designers, copywriters, marketing and PR specialists, project managers), offering them not only conference rooms, but also fully equipped photo studios.

Most coworkings are located in the heart of the city. But lately coworkings have begun to appear outside the center and the Old Town; The advantage of such coworking is, first of all, the possibility of free parking.

You can rent a workplace in a coworking for just an hour or a day (the cost of a day pass will be about € 15). For those who need a regular workplace, there are several packages, which, if necessary, can include an unlimited workplace, a fixed desktop, meeting rooms, the use of a joint kitchen and dining area, and a postal and legal address. A workplace in a joint office can cost € 100-150 per month.

Virtual office

A virtual office helps to keep a company’s activities at a distance, without requiring a permanent personal presence in the workplace. Most often standard virtual office services include:

  • Rent and registration of legal address in Riga;
  • Postal address and correspondence transfer: all mail received at the legal address can be forwarded to the address chosen by the client;
  • Virtual telephone number in Latvia: when calling the office, the partners and customers of the company come to the secretary who takes the call and leaves a note for the addressee, or forwards the call to the selected phone number; for especially big clients it is possible to organize a remote call center;
  • Renting a meeting room: if meetings with business partners are necessary, an entrepreneur can rent an equipped meeting room at the address of his virtual office.

The virtual office is perfect, first of all, for small and young enterprises who do not need a personal office space, but for whom it is important to have an address in the city center to receive correspondence, an office telephone number with a secretary, and the ability to use the meeting room in Riga.

For foreign merchants who intend to operate a business in Latvia, a virtual office in Riga provides an opportunity to maintain a subsidiary, branch or representative office of the company, without hiring local employees and not overpaying for the rent of expensive premises, while having access to received correspondence, while keeping the legal address and having a local phone number.

One of the main advantages of a virtual office is the significant saving in the cost of maintenance in comparison to a physical office.



m 2

The average cost of 1 m2 of office space in Riga:

  • А class € 12-18
  • В class € 7-10
  • С class € 3-8
  • D class € 0.5-2

Office with full service

A wide range of prices depending on the location and degree of exclusivity; It is possible to choose a workplace for € 250-350 per month in very prestigious centers with a high level of comfort.


Each coworking offers its service packages and according to its prices. On average, for an unfixed place, you need to count on € 7-8 per day, about € 100 per month. Internet, electricity, coffee, etc., are usually included in the price.

Virtual office

The cost of a virtual office in Riga with a business address, mail processing and receiving phone calls will cost € 50-100 per month.

Business centers

The use of business centers, meeting rooms, interview rooms, conference rooms and seminar rooms is regulated by the rate of € 15-20 per hour.

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