How much to spend and on what?

How much does it cost to live in Latvia, what is the average cost per month for rent, utilities, food, transport, clothing and entertainment?


In the period from January to April 2018, the Swiss bank UBS conducted research on the level of prices in various cities of the world. Specialists of the financial organization analyzed the prices of 128 goods and services, and salaries of 15 different professions in 77 cities around the world. As a result, Riga was the cheapest in terms of prices from the three Baltic capitals, taking 58th place in the ranking. Vilnius (Lithuania) ranked one line higher, Tallinn (Estonia) ranked 41st.

Housing expenses

By European standards, real estate in Latvia is inexpensive. Old apartments in the quiet areas of Riga sell from € 600 per m2, new buildings – from € 1,200, apartments in the center of Riga – from € 2,500, exclusive apartments – from € 3,500 for the “square”. In Jurmala, prices are similar, in other regions prices are two to three times lower.
If the time for a purchase has not yet come, you can rent an apartment for the long term. A one-bedroom apartment in the central districts of Riga will cost from € 500 per month, in quiet areas – from € 250. In Jurmala “non-resort” prices are similar, in other cities – much lower.
Apartment maintenance (utilities, electricity, gas, TV, Internet) of 60 m2 in Riga will cost € 100 per month in the warm season, and about € 200 – in the winter. Each owner pays an annual property tax, for an apartment of 60 m2 in a quiet area of ​​Riga, the cost is about € 120 per year.

Food expenses


Lunch for two in a traditional restaurant of the average price category will cost about 30. In fast food restaurants you can eat for 5-7 per person. A business lunch will cost about 5. A cup of coffee with a piece of cake in a cafe will cost 5-6. A family in Riga spends about 350-400 per month for essential foodstuffs.

Prices for foodstuffs

EUR€ 7-11/kg
Milk 2.5%
EUR€ 1/liter
Cheese (Russian)
EUR€ 4-8/kg
Eggs, box of 10
EUR€ 1.2-1,8
Soft cheese (Brie)
EUR€ 7-12/kg
Hard Cheese (Parmesan)
EUR€ 15-20/kg
EUR€ 2-5/kg
EUR€ 4-8/kg
EUR€ 12-20/kg
Parma ham
EUR€ 18-25/kg
EUR€ 3-5/kg
Chicken fillet
EUR€ 3.8-5.5/kg
Salmon, steak
EUR€ 12/kg
EUR€ 1.5-3/kg
EUR€ 1-2/kg
EUR€ 0.3-1.5/kg
EUR€ 0.5-2/kg
EUR€ 1.8-3.5/kg
EUR€ 1-1.5/kg
Coffee Lavazza
EUR€ 16-24/kg
Bottle of wine, Cabernet Sauvignon
EUR€ 4-10
Beer, bottle
EUR€ 1-3

Communication Expenses


Communications are good everywhere in Latvia – the number of Internet access points with free Wi-Fi here is one of the highest in the world. In Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja and other cities you can easily find Wi-Fi on the street, in almost all shops, restaurants, cafes. There are several mobile operators in the country, a lot of connection tariffs and prices vary, but on average it costs about 10-15 per month to pay for mobile communications. Home TV package + Internet – costs 20-25 per month, depending on the volume of services and the operator.

Transport expenses


Public transport in Riga is represented by buses, trams, trolley buses, minibuses and at night on the weekends night buses. A family living in the capital of Latvia must consider transport expenses of almost 100 per month. At the same time, children under 7 years old, schoolchildren of secondary schools and retired people over 75 years old can use public transport for free.

The trip can be paid with an electronic ticket – e-ticket. You can buy it at customer service centers and ticket machines, hundreds of which are installed in shopping centers and just on the streets of Riga.

Fares for public transport


1 trip
EUR 1,50
10 trips
EUR 10,90
Fine for ticketless trip
EUR 50,00
One-time ticket from the driver
EUR 2,00
Monthly pass for all types of transport
EUR 50,00

In Riga, you can travel by train. The fare within the city is 0.7. The same trains go to Jurmala, the price of trip from Riga to Jurmala depends on the distance, but on average it is 1.5. Taxi services are widely developed in Latvia. The basic cost – 0.57-1.7, travel 1 km – 0.35-0.65.

For example, a trip from the center of Riga to the airport will cost 7-15. The price of gasoline is 1.28-1.33 per liter. Diesel fuel will cost a bit less, about 1.20 per liter.

Education expenses

Latvijas Universitâtes galvenâ çka.

In Latvia, there are both public and private kindergartens. In public kindergarten, parents pay only for the food for their children, which costs them approximately 50 per month. Private kindergarten can cost from 400 per month.

Secondary education in Latvia (grades 1-12) is also represented by public and private schools. In public schools, you must again pay for the food. For several years, the state pays for children up to the 4th grade. Riga Public Schools introduced free meals up to the 9th grade. Large families are given a discount on food, both in kindergartens and in schools.

Every year a certain number of scholarships are allocated in the state universities of Latvia, when a student who successfully passes the entrance exams and then successfully passes through the finals can get a higher education completely free of charge. Paid higher education in Latvian universities costs from 1,200 to 12,000 per year.

Medical expenses

Latvia has a fairly well-developed medical system. Calling an ambulance, as well as providing first aid, is free. A visit to a family doctor in the district clinic costs less than 2 at reception, in a private clinic 15-50. This price only includes the doctor’s consultation. All following examinations and analysis must be paid for separately. Some of population groups may claim free treatment or significant discounts in public health clinics and hospitals.

Clothing expenses

Prices for clothes and shoes in Latvia are lower than in major Russian cities, but higher than in Germany or Poland. Set of clothes in mass brand stores such as Zara, Mango, Benetton, H & M, etc. can be purchased for € 100-200.

Expenses for culture and sport


When calculating the budget for living in Latvia, do not forget entertainment and sports. For example, a movie ticket costs 6-10, there are family tickets that are cheaper. For daily and 2D sessions, prices are lower. A trip to the theater will cost 15-50.

The entrance to most clubs in Riga is free, but guests have to buy something at the bar. A pair of cocktails will cost 10-20.

The standard cost of a monthly subscription to a fitness club is 40-100. At the same time, there are often promotions during which access to the gym can be bought at half price.

Children’s sports clubs cost from 40 per month (although there are some sports that are supported and sponsored by the government, attending such classes is free of charge).

For a one-time visit to the pool and sauna, you need to pay 5-15, a monthly subscription will cost 50-80. For one hour on the tennis court you must pay 17-25.

There are many SPA centers in Riga where you can relax and clean up. A massage will cost about 30-50, about the same as a series of cosmetic procedures.

You can sign up at a dance or yoga studio for 35-50 per month, a horse ride costs from 20 per hour, a family ticket for 2 hours (2 adults and 1 child) to the Jurmala aqua-park – 55.

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