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What is the TRP (temporary residence permit)?

The TRP or temporary residence permit in Latvia - it is the long-term immigration right to stay in Latvia. The TRP is issued for up to 5 years and usually assigned with the right for permanent employment on the territory of Latvia. The Latvian TRP also gives the right for visa free visits to the other Schengen Area countries.

What is the difference between the Latvian TRP and the Schengen visa?

The Schengen visa, no matter if it is a one-time or multi entry visa, imposes restrictions on the duration of stay in the Schengen Area for 90 days during a 6-month period. Also, this regular (not work visa) visa does not give you the right to be employed in the Schengen Area. With the TRP there are no such restrictions.

What is the validity period of the TRP in Latvia?

The validity period of the TRP depends on the reason for obtaining the TRP. Each reason has its own validity period. The maximum validity period of the TRP in Latvia is 5 years. After the expiration of this specified period the TRP can be renewed based on the same reason for the same validity period without limit. Also, during the validity period of the TRP it must be registered annually. After 5 years of holding a TRP a claim can be made for a permanent residence permit (PRP).

Do family members get a TRP in Latvia?

Spouses and underage children of a person who is given a TRP also have the right to receive a TRP for same period as family members. Adult children and parents do not have such rights. These family members may get a TRP based on other reasons.

How to get a permanent residence permit in Latvia?

It is possible to get a PRP after the expiration of the 5-year validity period of a TRP, provided that any absence from Latvia during this period was not more than 6 months in a row or 12 months in total. Justified absences during said period acknowledged as not connected to individual circumstances: disease, force majeure etc.

What documents are required for company registration?

Passports or ID of founders and board members. Original statement from the register with full information if the founder is the company.

Is it required to come to Latvia for company registration?

Nominally it is possible not to come. Founders of the company can provide power of attorney, and board member can sign a notarial agreement in the host country. The procedure will require notarial expenses in the host country, and also, depending on the country of location of the notary, an additional formality - the stamp of apostille of authentication for the translation. It is a laborious process and frequently leaves room for formal mistakes of the responsible services. Working over such a long distance both complicates the procedure and lengthens its process. That is why, for an easier and safer registration, we recommend visiting Latvia for at least one full working day to arrange all the formalities.

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