Story of Samantha

Story of Samantha

My name is Samantha, I’m 29 years old, I’m from Tatarstan, I graduated from school in Kazan, I received a Master’s degree “mathematician, system programmer” in CMC MSU in Moscow. Family: married with two daughters.

I moved to Riga together with the editorial office team of “Meduza”. We have collectively chosen Riga as our destination point because of several main reasons – it was close to Moscow (flight duration is about an hour) and the possibility to be able to speak Russian everywhere, here everyone understands you.
Life in Riga and in Latvia is somewhat cheaper compared to many European countries and cities. It is ecological, clean, calm and safe. But the main factor is the possibility to widely use the Russian language.

For me, as the organization person who moved the whole team, the move was almost unnoticeable, I received my visa in advance and after a few visits to the Citizenship and Migration Board. All the rest was done by the special people from InCube Rīga, including reminders of where I need to go and what documents I needed to bring.

I highly appreciate the work of the employees in InCube Rīga with the paperwork and process support. Their accurate and quick answers to any questions, the perfect maintenance of the necessary processes, and their professional problem-solving approach.

To those who are considering the possibility of moving, I first recommend getting a visa so you can come and see everything with your own eyes. If you like what you see you can make a decision without any extra thought, and then contact the professionals.
Moving to another country is an incredible experience, regardless of how long you stay in the new country or if you move further, it is one of the ways to expand your opportunities, to see how the world outside your usual environment works. If you feel that you are ready, or even almost ready, weigh the pros and cons, find someone who will keep you up to date in a new country and…make the decision.

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